Welcome to DancingDinosaur

Welcome to DancingDinosaur, mainframe computing in the 21st century.  In the last quarter of the previous century it was fashionable among technology pundits to regard the mainframe computer as a dinosaur, a clunky, costly beast heading inexorably toward extinction. It didn’t happen, of course.  Unlike the dinosaur, the mainframe learned to dance with changing times, hence the name of this blog, DancingDinosaur.

Over time the pundits  stopped repeating the mainframe-is-dead mantra, preferring instead to simply ignore it. The mainframe, however, wasn’t dead then and in the 21st century the mainframe is anything but dead now. The mainframe computer is thriving (IBM reported more mainframe revenue, MIPS, new accounts, new apps, and new ISVs in 2008), and the mainframe data center is better positioned for the future than ever before.  It is more than ready and capable of playing in a fast-changing world of Web 2.0, cloud and mobile computing, and whatever else comes.

I’m Alan Radding. You probably have been reading my writing for years. As a fulltime freelance writer, researcher, and analyst specializing in business and technology for 30 years, I have written for almost all technology publications. (As a  freelancer, I’m only half joking when I say that as far as publishers go, I will sleep with almost anybody.) Similarly, I have handled projects for most of the leading technology vendors including: IBM, HP, EMC, Sun, Microsoft, and more.  You can check out more of my work at my websites,  http://www.technologywriter.com and http://www.independentassessment.com.

This blog will present all manner of news,  trends, research, analysis, and opinion relating to the mainframe computer and the mainframe data center. It will cover hardware, software, services, management, personnel, and whatever else might impact the mainframe data center. You are welcome to ask questions and suggest topics, and you are encouraged to freely comment.

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