Deep Mainframe Storage Dive at Edge Conference

The spring SNW conference held in early April offered 19 program tracks covering everything from cloud backup to VDI.  A new storage conference, IBM Edge 2012  (Orlando, FL, June 4-8), covers a similar breadth of storage topics but includes about 15 sessions focused specifically on various aspects of mainframe storage. You won’t find this depth of mainframe storage coverage anywhere else except possibly at SHARE, which is a larger conference.

With the advent of zEnterprise-zBX hybrid computing it is important to have mainframe-specific information on the exploding amount of detail around every aspect of storage.  Today, a mainframe shop can find itself trying to deploy distributed systems storage alongside System z and zEnterprise storage. With many more choices, including cloud storage, it is not always clear what is the best option and how to make the various pieces work together in an optimal way.

The upcoming IBM Edge conference promises to address this need.  At the same time IBM promises to use the event to make major market-shaking announcements, introduce new storage offerings, and showcase the real business outcomes its customers are achieving.

The conference will have two main tracks, both mainframe-oriented. Executive Edge,  for business and IT executives and leaders, will focus on how leading companies are transforming their storage infrastructures to address such challenges as big data or achieving superior business outcomes. Technical Edge for IT professionals and practitioners, will feature cutting-edge education, hands on labs and on-site certification geared for all levels and taught by IBM distinguished engineers, leading product experts,  and clients and partners. A link to the conference sessions is here.

Here is a sample of what you will find:

Delivering High Availability and Disaster Recovery Using IBM GDPS—DancingDinosaur recently addressed this here, but not in nearly the depth. GDPS is IBM’s premier high availability and recovery solution. This session will go over the different GDPS solutions and explore the underlying technology that is exploited to deliver the different solutions.

z FICON and zHPF Operation and Usage—a more technical discussion, this session examines Fibre Connection (FICON) and high performance FICON (zHPF) usage on System z servers. It will describe FICON I/O operation and usage by the System z channel architecture for a FICON channel command word (CCW) channel program, the newer zHPF channel program, and more.

Using Unified Resource Manager to Provision Storage Resources—a hands-on lab demonstrating how a zEnterprise System ensemble running the Unified Resource Manager can provision resources to the ensemble, hypervisor, and virtual servers. Ensembles and ensemble resources such as virtual networking, storage and virtual servers are created and defined using various HMC tasks to identify and define storage resources to the blade hypervisor and virtual servers.

The Top 10 System z Storage Management Problems and How to Address Them—the session looks at the 10 biggest System z Storage Management issues found in most z shops. It will help you understand what can be done in z Storage Management to address these problems, manage your environment for cost savings and increased productivity, and maximize efficiency and effectiveness of both your z resources and personnel.

IBM hasn’t specified its top 10 mainframe storage management challenges, but since this is a Tivoli session you can bet the problems will include storage optimization, data integrity, disaster recovery and reporting capabilities, as well as management of disk and tape storage devices; the stuff Tivoli does well. As for me, I’d like to see it address public/private cloud storage, mixed platform (hybrid) storage management, storing Big Data for real-time analytics, and the perennial challenges the mainframe data center faces: data protection, archiving, cost containment, and the need for skilled mainframe storage staff.

DancingDinosaur will attend the conference. For a chance to win free admission to the conference, watch for upcoming posts here. And now for the legal stuff:  this post is sponsored, meaning I am being compensated, by the Storage Community for covering IBM’s Edge Conference.  However, the opinions and writing here are my own.

 Hope to see you in Orlando.

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