PureSystems Gains Traction and Customers

After spending over a year as IBM’s hybrid computing poster child, the zEnterprise-zBX has a new hybrid computing sister, IBM PureSystems, which is beginning to gain traction. (DancingDinosaur most recently wrote about these hybrid siblings here.) IBM announced three PureSystems customers and reported over 160 new solutions and expert patterns.

A new financing promotion that allows customers to defer the first payment for 90 days and other goodies from IBM Global Financing will likely spur further adoption, especially as companies look to replace older technology. Deferred payment will help when budgets start running down toward year end.

In addition, IBM introduced new components to build out PureSystems. This includes two new Flex System offerings, the IBM Flex System x440 and Flex System x220 Compute Nodes. Flex System, notes IBM, is the company’s most advanced blade offering, and the blades are available either as Flex System or as part of a PureFlex configuration.

PureFlex, an IaaS product that is one of the two initial PureSystems offerings, provides a fully integrated system combining management of compute, storage, networking, and virtualization along with support for expert patterns to automate and optimize the computing infrastructure. The hybrid PureSystems are managed through the Flex System Manager.

The Flex System x440 is targeted to organizations seeking advanced virtualization and mainstream database deployments.  The Flex System x220 targets organizations with less demanding workloads and low-density virtualization. Both are designed with lower energy consumption for infrastructure workloads.

At the same time, IBM announced the FlexSystem PCI expansion node, which allows users to attach additional PCI express cards, fabric mezzanine cards, and next-generation graphics processing units (GPU) to an IBM Flex System compute node. The company also announced the FlexSystem FC5022 SAN Scalable Switch, a 24-port, 16GB integrated SAN switch without software that can save some money.

IBM also introduced three PureSystems early adopters: BPTP, PCCW, and ValeCard.

BPTP, an India-based real estate company, opted for IBM PureSystems to streamline its IT infrastructure with the goal of improving the overall home buying experience for its customers. To support its rapid growth since 2003, the company selected PureSystems, which will handle all the storage and processing for the company.

PCCW, a Hong Kong-based IT outsourcing firm, selected IBM PureSystems as the foundation for its new Enterprise Solutions Superstore, described as an online environment for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). The new Superstore enables PCCW to offer applications via the cloud through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

ValeCard, a Brazilian company, experienced 40% annual growth over the past three years. Expecting the rapid growth to continue, ValeCard selected PureSystems to manage thousands of transaction records from contracts with large companies and government entities as well as meet an increasing set of new regulations and standards for data availability. The cloud capabilities of PureSystems also proved attractive to the company.

For financing, IBM Global Financing is making available a range of options that will help customers avoid paying cash up-front while lowering their TCO. For the first time customers can lease the entire value of the system, including hardware and software, and defer their first payment for 90 days. Additionally, IBM Global Asset Recovery Services can buy back servers, including those made by HP and Oracle, for clients migrating to IBM PureSystems.  One client taking advantage of IBM financing is BPTP.

All this is nice but it would be helpful to get some specifics of the configurations of these PureSystems and, once they are deployed, get some details on their use of expert patterns and whether less skilled workers are able to deploy and maintain them along with the usual specifics about the workload volumes, performance, and cost. Then IT managers can start to decide whether this is right for them too.

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