Join Me at Share in Providence

Share runs all week but DancingDinosaur plans to be there on Tues., 8/8. Share is happening at the Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence, RI, August 6–11, 2017. Get details at  The keynote looks interesting that day: As Share describes it: Security and regulatory compliance are concerns that impact every professional within your IT organization.

In the Tuesday Keynote presentation at SHARE Providence, expert panelists will offer their perspectives on how various roles are specifically impacted by security, and what areas you should be most concerned about in your own roles. Listen to your peers share their insights in a series of TED-style Talks, starting with David Hayes of the Government Accountability Office, who will focus on common compliance and risk frameworks. Stu Henderson of Henderson Consulting will discuss organizational values and how those interacting with the systems are part of the overall control environment, followed by Simon Dodge of Wells Fargo providing a look at proactive activities in the organization that are important for staying ahead of threats and reducing the need to play catch-up when the auditors arrive. In the final talk of the morning, emerging cyber security threats will be discussed by Buzz Woeckener of Nationwide Insurance, along with tips on how to be prepared. At the conclusion of their presentations, the panelists will address audience questions on the topics of security and compliance.

You’ll find me wandering around the sessions and the expo. Will be the guy wearing the Boston hat.

DancingDinosaur is Alan Radding, a veteran information technology analyst, writer, and ghost-writer. Please follow DancingDinosaur on Twitter, @mainframeblog. See more of his IT writing at and here.

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One Response to “Join Me at Share in Providence”

  1. dskwire Says:

    Hi Alan,

    So who goes to SHARE THESE DAYS? Any one? True I’ve never been to SHARE, but I’ve been to IBM sponsored systems all week sessions classes etc. And my IBM customers went to SHARE when i was an IBM SE LARGE SYSTEMS SPECIALIST etc..I read online SHARE presentations or did at various times… I’m just trying to figure out if there are any young new mainframers. Job postings are so sparse. Compared to the numbers of mainframes that I KNOW are put there. SHARE is a systems organization. If there are any appreciable numbers of new young sysprogs they’d be there. I can’t imagine a sparsely attended week long meeting like SHARE but I don’t get vibes there is much (new) mainframer hiring.

    Tell me what you see Measuring By Walking Around…a new concept.


    Dan Skwire author: “First Fault Software Problem Solving” 4800 Country Meadows Boulevard Sarasota,FL 34235 h: 941-378-2383 c: 941-400-7632

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