Platform to build for tomorrow now

So what do you need to build your business for tomorrow, one starting right how. To begin, it needs to be cloud-ready from Day 1. That means multiple clouds, hybrid clouds, mixed clouds, any clouds however and whenever and wherever and whatever you find them.

IBM z16 (courtesy of IBM)

Why clouds? In case you haven’t noticed, clouds are increasingly the way, how, and where you will find the critical IT resources and capabilities and even the partners you will need. These won’t be only in your data center or some partners data center. You will need to pull the resources and capabilities you require from wherever and whenever you need them. And. hopefully, they will be right there for you, in the cloud. All you need is to be ready and able to find them when you want them.

Of course, it would be good if you took a moment right now to look around the cloud and identify those that look most promising to you and start the process of connecting to them.   

Just in case you missed it, digital transformation already is accelerating. In the process, it is creating new opportunities for IT, your business, you and your customers, and your customers customers and their partners too. You probab haven’t even noticed or considered yet so you better get started.

Not surprised if your head is spinning. So is mine. And so are your customers and partners too along with competitors and the partners you haven’t even met or considered yet. Naturally, all of this change brings new challenges. 

As these cloud-driven challenges transform you and everyone else, businesses should, undoubtedly, seek ways to leverage the potential of AI across the organization to proactively address the changes that already are underway as well as those you haven’t yet encountered but may want to.

You will need the AI because there will be a lot of stuff, partners, customers, potential customers and partners to keep up with. These can include everything from unplanned events, both wanted and unwanted, to increases in cyberattacks. As you can sure imagine, the impact on  business resiliency will come fast and prolonged. Like we noted above, you’ll need AI.

And businesses will also seek greater agility to capture more and more of the value  swirling round them while modernize and protect their hybrid cloud investments, which we hope you already started to build and deploy as you guide the future of your business.

Maybe the scenario portrayed above caught you by surprise or maybe it is something you are only just starting to begin preparing. Don’t worry. It is not happening tomorrow, but assuredly, it will happen, probably sooner than you or I think.

That’s where the IBM z16 comes in. Innovation lies at the heart of the new IBM z16 platform. Designed with breakthrough technologies built in, IBM z16 it can help you realize what you have what remains untapped and even unknown for now.

potential of your digital transformation. 

As IBM puts it, the z16 features the IBM Telum processor at its core, with industry-first on-chip integrated accelerators to predict and automate with AI at the speed and scale and with extremely low latency. This industry-first quantum-safe system, it proactively protects against harvest-now-decrypt later schemes on a single system that can process 25 billion secure transactions per day. 

The cyber resilience at its core, IBM continues, extends to innovation in automated compliance that saves time and resources as well as taps the new flexible capacity options that can proactively avoid disruptions while managing workloads across different sites, even residing on different clouds, in seconds. And the platform promises to be a catalyst for digital transformation through open-standards, flexible consumption models, and easy, rapid integration as part of any or all hybrid clouds.

In the process, the company adds, it can Increase decision-making velocity with the industry’s first integrated on-chip AI acceleration designed for analyzing real-time transactions at scale. It also can help protect and future-proof your data with an industry-first, quantum-safe system. Similarly, it will enable cyber resiliency through automated compliance and a capacity shift in seconds which allows it to unlock 2.5 times more value at a lower TCO than with the public cloud.

Not every organization wants or needs any or all of this now. Does this sound like something your organization can benefit from at some point? At least you should start thinking about some of it. 

Alan Radding is DancingDinosaur, a veteran information technology analyst, writer, and ghostwriter. Follow DancingDinosaur on Twitter.

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