EMC World and IBM Edge 2013 Spotlight Mainframe Storage

Two major technology conferences this spring are converging on Las Vegas and each offers session tracks on mainframe storage. EMC World runs today through May 9, and IBM Edge 2013, June 10-14; each will bring enough expert material to divert mainframe storage managers from the gaming tables.

At neither show is the mainframe the primary focus, but considerable material still addresses mainframe storage. For example, EMC World, which opens today offers sessions like:

VMAX Performance: Mainframe Performance with Symmetrix VMAX & Enginuity 5876. Here’s how EMC describes it—Symmetrix VMAX 20K and VMAX 40K running Enginuity 5876 introduce several performance improvements and new features for the Mainframe, which can affect how customers deploy. DancingDinosaur reported on the introduction of the VMAX 40K here last year.

VMAX: What’s New for Mainframe Symmetrix Environments Plus an Update on the EMC & IBM Partnership.  Of particular interest to DancingDinosaur readers may be the details on how EMC develops IBM-compatible technology and EMC’s long-standing working relationship with IBM

DancingDinosaur will miss EMC World and be attending IBM Edge 2013 instead. Please join this blogger at Edge 2013; when not attending a session you can find me where bloggers congregate in the Social Media Lounge.

Here are some of the sessions that look particularly interesting:

IBM z/OS Storage Management Ecosystem Update—provides an overview of IBM’s strategy for managing the z/OS storage ecosystems.  Learn how the strategic z/OS storage management product, OMEGAMON XE for Storage, fits into the strategy and how the rest of the Tivoli z/OS Storage management portfolio works together to address common z/OS storage tasks and problem resolution. The session also promises to include a short review of Tivoli z/VM storage products.

IBM z/OS + DS8K Synergy—offers an overview of the IBM DS8000 architecture and its deep integration with IBM z/OS to deliver performance, high availability, optimization, and manageability. No other storage system has the unique integration with the IBM mainframe, according to IBM.  That becomes particularly apparent when you start looking at Flash storage.

Introduction to the TS7700 Virtualization Engine Grid for the Uninitiated or Those Needing a Refresher—intended to introduce attendees to the IBM TS7700 Virtualization Engine, a virtualized tape solution. This basic level discussion will start by explaining why tape virtualization came about, and then cover basic and advanced concepts, up through the latest enhancements.  If you are not already familiar with virtual tape you don’t want to miss this.

Retention management is an increasingly important and tricky topic these days, particularly as it ties in with compliance and even legal ediscovery. Edge 2013 offers two complementary sessions on retention management.

Untangling Retention Management under DFSMSrmm—DFSMS Removable Media Manager (DFSMSrmm) delivers a wide variety of retention controls for the z/OS tape resources it manages. Often the variety of options and the differences in how they behave can be confusing. The session promises to explain how and why DFSMSrmm does what it does so attendees can make the best decisions for their environment.

DFSMSrmm Best Practices, Features and New Stuff—DFSMS Removable Media Manager (DFSMSrmm) is one of the most regularly enhanced tape management systems in the market. Often, however, new features are overlooked. This session offers an overview of key product features that every DFSMSrmm data center should be taking full advantage of to properly safeguard their environments. In addition, it will detail several little-known product capabilities that can streamline administrator efficiency, allowing more time for other management activities.

Overall, IBM Edge 2013 will offer over 140 storage sessions, over 50 PureSystems sessions, more than 50 client case studies, and sessions on big data and analytics along with a full cloud track.

Full disclosure: this blogger’s trip to Edge 2013 and related DancingDinosaur posts are being underwritten by IBM.  However, the choice of content, ideas, and opinions …even the mention of EMC… are my own. Hope to see you at Edge 2013. Find me in  the Social Media Lounge.

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